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Both 304 grade and 316 grade are available for wallties

Available in 6mm,8mm and 10mm diameter.

Available with 1 point and 2 points.


6mm - available in  100-300mm in even sizes.

8mm - available 100-500mm in even sizes.


Other sizes and lengths available on request.

New Build Application


Ideal for mortar beds that do not course. Example shows 6mm HeliTie Point being driven directly into blockwork using a Hand Suport Tool. The HeliTie is equally effective for tying into timber stud constructions.

Remedial Application


There are instances where existing wall ties have failed due to corrosion or where there is poor density. The usual evidence is horizontal cracking in the brickwork. This example shows an 8mm HeliTie 1 Point being driven directly into brickwork using a Power Supoort Tool 2. The HeliTie is equally effective in blockwork.



  • Cost effective.

  • Ideal for Thin-Joint Blockwork. Extremely quick and easy to install.

  • Can be used in bricks, blocks (including hollow blocks), aircrete, concrete, hard mortar and timber.

  • Can be installed close to edge of masonry or timber.

  • No need to pre-drill in autoclaved blocks.

  • Does not impair thermal properties of insulation, simply hammer in the HeliTie through the insulation into the block.

  • Minimal disfigurement to structure.

  • Minimal disruption to residents.

  • Restrains brickwork whilst allowing the natural movement of the construction.

  • Ideal where the joints of the inner and outer leaves of masonry do not course.

  • Pull out testing of HeliTies can easily be carried out on site after installation to ensure Structural Engineer’s satisfaction.

  • Hand and high quality power support tools available to speed installation - PST 2 (professional) or PST 3.

  • Strong no-bend 8mm stainless steel HeliTie.

  • Grade 304 corrosion resistant stainless steel (Grade 316 also available).

  • Simple, one piece design.

  • Multi-drip along full length of tie.

  • HeliTies eliminate the need for grouts, resin or mechanical devices in normal substrates.

  • Can be installed in cavity or solid masonry constructions.

  • Tested and proven technology.

  • Perfect Pitch engineering so that excellent pull-out test figures are attained.

  • Recommended by leading block and insulation manufacturers.

  • Meets requirements of NHBC.

  • HeliTies to DD140 Type 2.

  • Latest Certification based on the DIN NORM 1053 from the DIBT (Deutsches Institut fur Bautechnik) [Euro Code]

  • Resistant to the passage of sound Part E.


  • Minimum 70mm insertion in the inner leaf [softblock (AAC)].

  • Minimum 70mm outer leaf.

  • Small diameter pilot hole of 6mm may be required depending on substrate.

What size Helitie do I need?


Movement Joint Application - Prevention of Lateral Movement


The common problem with movement joints is when the walls move out of alignment. Where there is no movement joint or where the existing movement joint is faulty, our solution, using HeliTie Bar, prevents lateral movement in the wall. Once the vertical slot has been cut, a horizontal slot is cut into the mortar bed every 6 courses or 450mm apart. On one side of the movement joint the HeliTie Bar is fixed with HeliGrout and on the other side it is inserted into an movement joint sleeve thereby allowing the movement joint to expand. Additional wall ties are inserted every 300mm along the vertical length of the movement joint.

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