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40 Horne st Sunbury, before work started.jpg
40 Horne st Sunbury - During Works.jpg
40 Horne st, Sunbury, Finished Job.jpg

 Job - Sunbury Victoria   

This building was at the end of a terrace of shops on a main rd. The last shop on the terrace had shown a lot of outward lean with some rotation, previous correction work with anchor plates were installed on the Gable wall.Underpinning was carried out  initially and the brickwork was repaired and HeliTie Bars were installed. The pointing was colour matched to the existing and sharpened up with an acid clean.

Job - Brighton, Victoria

The client had approached Helical Systems to Screw Pile underpin various sections of an existing structure, the client did not want to use  any other types of underpinning methods. The property was being upgraded during renovations to take additional loads on the 2nd floor. A soil test identified the depth of the GroundScrew and the installation locations. Areas of the subfloor masonry walling had been punched through to make way for air conditioning ducting, that had left the structure compromised. The brickwork was repaired and HeliTies Bars were installed in the form of a  Masonry Beam that spread the load through the masonry as the jacking plates took the load preventing further cracking.

Heading 2

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