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Overpinning Technicians Course

We will be running a 1 day course to be a Helical Systems approved installer, the first part of the course course will be theory in a classroom setting and the second half of the course will be a practical demonstration with the emphasis on use of the specialised tooling.

The itinerary will be as follows:

i/ Brief history of construction and possible causes of cracking

ii/ Cracking - Identification and Causes

ii/ General Principles of the HeliTie System

iv/ Materials equipment, tooling and installation, SDF form, material usage. The GroundScrew (underpinning) will be explained but not in full detail.

v/ A multiple choice exam will be given on the above. 

vi/ Practice installation

Course duration: 1 day

The course dates and venue are to be determined, a certificate will be issued by a certified Helical Systems installer.

Please fill out the below form to notify us of your interest in this course. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible to organise a suitable date for you to complete this course.


For any further queries about this course, please contact John:

                                Mobile: 0409 423 190


Course Application

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